This is the first of my Beginners Guide series, and I am so excited to start this series this year! Since I am quite new to makeup myself, I thought it would be awesome if we could learn makeup together. So here is my guide to makeup brushes, whether your a beginner like me or you're more experienced, I think we could all benefit from some tips :)


Powder Brush
 - soft full and round
 - perfect for applying powder
 - also can be used to apply bronzer
 - Tip: Load brush with powder and tap of excess

Flat Foundation Brush
 - designed for a smooth a flawless foundation application
 - Bristles tightly packed in a tapered tip
 - Tip: dampen brush with warm water and squeeze excess in a towel or tissue. This will give a more even distribution of product.

Stippling Brush
 - used for liquid or cream foundations/bases
 - leaves an airbrushed look when used with powder

Kabuki Brush
 - a short brush with wide, round bristles
 - used to apply mineral powder

Concealer Brush - soft bristled, flat brush
 - used to apply concealer under eyes, and on blemishes

Fan Brush
 - can be used to highlight and bronze
 - sweeps off excess powder
 - sweeps off excess eye shadow
 - can be used to apply a light amount of powder on face

Blush Brush:
 - soft, round and gentle
 - application of blush
 - apply to apples of cheeks


Brow Brush
 - taming unruly haris on the eyebrows
 - can also be used to comb out eyelashes

Angled Brow Brush
 - allows for a defined eyebrow
 - bristles are stiff and angled for precise control
 - can be used with gel, liquid, and powder eyebrow product


Angled Eye Liner Brush

 - allows for a rich and distinct eyeliner look
 - can be used to created winged eyeliner
 - gently brush upwards to blend line for a smokey eye

Eye Liner Brush
 - small and pointy
 - applies gel eyeliner to top and bottom lid or in-between lashes

Blending Brush
 - used to blend eyeshadow together so there are no harsh lines
 - can also be used to highlight brow bone

Eyeshadow Brush
 - flat, short, bristles have a bevelled edge to help eyeshadow application
 - Use to apply base eye shadow on the lid

Angled Eyeshadow Brush:
 - long, round, tapered brush
 - used for placing eyeshadow in crease
 - also can help to blend eyeshadow


Lip Brush
 - sculpted brush, perfect for achieving a precise line
 - short and from bristles for easy control

So there are the most common brushes that I aim to have in my collection soon. I have most of them but I would love a few more. What's missing from your collection?

Britt x

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