With a lot of distractions in our current lifestyles it's hard to really focus on the things that make us smile, and even when we do, they are forgotten easily. This year I plan to use my gratitude journal more and become more aware of the little happy things that happen in my day to day life. A gratitude journal is a great way to keep you in the present and keep you focusing on the good in your life. 

I got this one from Kikki K, however you can use any journal and everyday write down three things you are grateful for.  This keeps you realising the good in your life and can help to make you live life to the fullest. 

What are you grateful for today?

This is the first of my Beginners Guide series, and I am so excited to start this series this year! Since I am quite new to makeup myself, I thought it would be awesome if we could learn makeup together. So here is my guide to makeup brushes, whether your a beginner like me or you're more experienced, I think we could all benefit from some tips :)


Powder Brush
 - soft full and round
 - perfect for applying powder
 - also can be used to apply bronzer
 - Tip: Load brush with powder and tap of excess

Flat Foundation Brush
 - designed for a smooth a flawless foundation application
 - Bristles tightly packed in a tapered tip
 - Tip: dampen brush with warm water and squeeze excess in a towel or tissue. This will give a more even distribution of product.

Stippling Brush
 - used for liquid or cream foundations/bases
 - leaves an airbrushed look when used with powder

Kabuki Brush
 - a short brush with wide, round bristles
 - used to apply mineral powder

Concealer Brush - soft bristled, flat brush
 - used to apply concealer under eyes, and on blemishes

Fan Brush
 - can be used to highlight and bronze
 - sweeps off excess powder
 - sweeps off excess eye shadow
 - can be used to apply a light amount of powder on face

Blush Brush:
 - soft, round and gentle
 - application of blush
 - apply to apples of cheeks


Brow Brush
 - taming unruly haris on the eyebrows
 - can also be used to comb out eyelashes

Angled Brow Brush
 - allows for a defined eyebrow
 - bristles are stiff and angled for precise control
 - can be used with gel, liquid, and powder eyebrow product


Angled Eye Liner Brush

 - allows for a rich and distinct eyeliner look
 - can be used to created winged eyeliner
 - gently brush upwards to blend line for a smokey eye

Eye Liner Brush
 - small and pointy
 - applies gel eyeliner to top and bottom lid or in-between lashes

Blending Brush
 - used to blend eyeshadow together so there are no harsh lines
 - can also be used to highlight brow bone

Eyeshadow Brush
 - flat, short, bristles have a bevelled edge to help eyeshadow application
 - Use to apply base eye shadow on the lid

Angled Eyeshadow Brush:
 - long, round, tapered brush
 - used for placing eyeshadow in crease
 - also can help to blend eyeshadow


Lip Brush
 - sculpted brush, perfect for achieving a precise line
 - short and from bristles for easy control

So there are the most common brushes that I aim to have in my collection soon. I have most of them but I would love a few more. What's missing from your collection?

Britt x

This look is very simple and natural however can add that little bit more to any look. In this tutorial I used my Chi Chi Bases Palette and my Chi Chi Nudes Palette. 

First of all I primed my eyes using the Face of Australia Primer. 

Then, using my real techniques Base Shadow Brush, I place this colour from my Bases Palette:

and applied it to the inner half of my lid: 

I then took the 3rd shade from the Bases Palette, and applied it to the outer half of my lid.

The taking the 5th colour in my Chi Chi Nudes Palette, I applied this in the outer V of my eyelid.

I then blended it all together, applied some mascara and eye liner, and that's my completed Golden Goddess Makeup look! 

Hope you enjoy! x

I recently went away to KingsCliff in January. Underneath the hotel I was staying at was a little shop called Oxley and Moss. They had the cutest little bits and bobs and I couldn't resist buying a few things.

The first thing I brought was this goals book, as I wanted to start the new year well. This book is full of inspiration and also helped me to plan my goals for this year. And this book was only $17.95!

Next up I saw these sticky notes and had to add them to my stash. They are called 'nag notes' and are only $3.95 for two, so I couldn't resist. 

You can follow their Instagram account here or visit their website here.
Have you been to their little shop?

I decided to do a DIY today, as I haven't done one in a while! This is a DIY sugar lip scrub to help get all the dead skin off your lips. 

First off, you'll need honey, sugar (any will do, though the courser the more dead skin will come off your lips), water, and a small container. 

For the measurements we'll be going of the size of your container. I filled the container up about 1/2 with sugar and 1/4 with honey and added a little splash of water. I mixed until it was smooth. 

This is literally the whole process! (Easy, right?) And now, you'll have super soft lips for Valentines Day! Just apply a little bit of this mixture on your lips and rub in till your lips are smooth. Rinse it off (or eat it ;) ) and done!

Hope you enjoy 
Britt x

Here is a perfect Valentines Day Makeup Look.

Start by priming the eyelid.

Then, cover the inner half of the lid with a vibrant pink shade

Then apply this darker pink too the middle third of the eye and blend

Apply a dark pink shade to the outer corner and blend into the crease.

There's the completed look!!

I used the Chi Chi Nudes Palate and this Pink Beauty Works Eyeshadow I got from a friend.

Hope you enjoy,
Britt x
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