Here in Australia its summer and this means going down the coast to little towns and staying in resorts for a few days. This month we are going to Kingscliff in New South Whales and packing was a challenge for me.

I managed to cut down as much as I could and came up with a few travel essentials to help you pack.

Fashion Essentials

First of all a good pair of sandals with never do you wrong. They are comfy and can easily dress up or down and outfit. They are versatile and definitely worth packing. A nice swimsuit is a must and I would definitely recommend. I got this one from City Beach. Next are shorts, I have these very cute shorts from the Universal Store that I feel I can wear casually on days when I go to the beach. Denim shorts are also an essential, as you can never go wrong with denim shorts in the summer, mine are high-waisted which means, of course, crop tops are another essential. I got a nice crotchet one from City Beach that I can wear to the beach as well as some cropped T-Shirts from cotton on. These make a perfect and easy outfit for everyday. A plain T-Shirt is also a recommendation and I brought along this stripe one. When going away, a fancy dinner is a must and this summer dress is prefect for that. The cold Shoulder sleeves are perfect for giving off a summer-vibe.

Beauty Essentials

Beauty is probably the hardest to pick, as there are so many possibilities. First of all a concealer is defiantly a recommendation for any trip. A BB cream is also a great option as it is light and perfect for warm weather to give you an even complexion. A powder goes along with that to help you stay matte throughout the trip. Simple mascara is a good go-to as it can elongate your lashes and add to your look. Eyeliner is also an essential for the fancy dinners or parties that you may attend on holiday. A nice nude lipstick is a great option and goes with every outfit. A blush will add a little colour to your face and of course you need a brush for that, I brought by Ecotools Custom Coverage Buffing brush that I can use for my blush and powder.  Lastly no one likes chapped lips, so a good lip balm is perfect.

Random Essentials

Your purse is definitely a must have as you may want to check out all the cute little shops. Earphones are good for chilling by the pool, or long car drives, and a book can accompany that.

So those are my Summer Holiday Essentials! What are yours?

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