Hey guys,
So because school is starting tomorrow and I'll be in grade 11, I'll have to focus a lot more on my school work. This being said, there's no way I'll neglect my blog but I will be only posting twice a week, at around the same time, and occasionally you'll get a bonus post. The times are:

Wednesday 5pm
Saturday 5pm

This new upload schedule will start this week, with this being the last of my Monday Post's. In the holidays I will go back up to 3 blogposts a week but while school is on two posts a week will just have to do. I hope you guys have had an amazing holiday, have you done anything special? Good luck for the new year and for those of you still in school good luck for the year ahead! Comment down below letting me know what what grade you guys are going into, I'd love to know!

Britt x

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