It's been a year since I got my old glasses, and decided I needed a new pair. SpecSavers were having their 'Buy two for one' sale and so I decided to go looking at SpecSavers. Even though there are a lot of negatives about needing glasses, if you chose the right ones, they can become an accessory to your outfit.
The first pair I got were these ray-ban Style glasses with a slight blue tint. They were the SpecSavers brand and were about $250. The serial number is Cherry 25665130. They suited me quite well as I have a fairly narrow face, and most glasses were too big for my face. These ones however were just right.

The next pair I got were by the Roxy range at SpecSavers. They were about $290, so a bit more expensive than the other ones. I liked the shape and orange sides that gave them their uniqueness.
Their serial number is Roxy 36 25666991. 

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