A little tradition I have been doing for the past few years is a Memory Jar. What it is, is a simple jar that you can buy anywhere (my one was from Typo) and everyday you write something that made you smile or laugh on a little piece of paper and you put it in the Jar. At the end of the year you can look through 365 things that made your smile in the pas year. This idea is an awesome way to make you more grateful for the small things and also help your remember all the good times in the past year. I stuck on a chalkboard sticker from a $2 shop and wrote 2015 on it. So it's ready for Twenty Fifteen!

Britt x


  1. Memory Jars are such a sweet idea~ ^ ^
    I had one last year, but I had a little bit of trouble remembering to fill it up! ^ - ^


    1. Yes I also struggle to remember to fill it up! But it's defiantly worth it when I look back on the years memories!

      Britt x


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