This is the first of my Back to School Series! Although that means school is starting soon it also means supplies shopping - which is one of my favourite types of shopping.
I recently went to Office Max and brought a whole lot of stuff for school, here's what I bought:

At school we don't really use pencils, and I have a lot spare from last year so I didn't need anymore however I really needed pens. I got a pack of two Sharpies as I'm always needing them for school. They were $4. I also got a multi colour pen with blue, black, red and green ink for 99c and a pack of 3 blue ball point pens for $3.96.

Next I brought a pink binder to put all my worksheets in. This is very handy as it is a safe place to store assignments and worksheets so they don't end up scrunched in the bottom of your bag. This file was $3.44. I also got a notepad to go along with it so I can scribble important notes down, and this was $1.73.

A sharpener is essential and my old one is now blunt, so I got this one for $2.97. And a girl can never have enough white outs, so I got a 3 pack from Paper Mate that was $6

Last I got some workbooks from ColourHide as I love the colours of these and the pages. I got a four pack ($5.97) and a two pack ($8.22)

So there's my back to school haul! Hope you enjoyed!
What have you bought for school?

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