Here are some of my favourite hairstyles for school,

The Extra Long Ponytail

This first look is very simple and can create the illusion of a long ponytail. 
First what you are going to do is start off with brushing through your hair (all these looks start with this step) and then taking the top section of your hair and tying it into a ponytail.
Then taking the bottom section of hair and tying that in a ponytail underneath the first ponytail. You now have an illusion of a longer ponytail. 

Braided Head Band

For this look you will start with a ponytail however leaving to sections of hair behind each ear. You will then braid these sections and pin them into a head band. 

Braided Bun

This is probably my favourite look due to the overall effect. You will start with a bun doughnut and place it over your ponytail. Then you make a normal bun with the doughnut and put an elastic around it. Take all the excess hair and place it like in picture 2. Braid this and then tie it around the bun.

So there are my 3 back to school hairstyles!
Which one is your favourite?

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