With Valentines Day coming up, I was inspired by Daily Look to create some outfits based of their Little Black Dresses. So I can now show you guys three different ways I would wear the Little Black Dress for Valentines Day! 

Look 1: Elegant
Dl-83999_v0 Dl-123293-beige-v0 Dl-122282-black-v0 Dl-116500-black-v0

In this Design I wanted something sophisticated and elegant, and nothing comes close to a fur vest. This deep neckline goes perfectly with the look. Pair it with some awesome heals and a small clutch and you're set to go. Don't forget the gold chain!

Look 2: Boho

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This outfit is perfect for something slightly more casual however can definitely be dressed up. This is a great look for someone with a more bohemian style but can definitely flatter anyone. Pair it with some tan sandals, a fringe back and a gold statement neckless for the perfect boho vibe. 

Look 3: Sporty

1422687943_2014-velcro-women-s-casual-sneakers-high-heels-increasing-wedges-lace-up-shoes-korea-style.jpg_350x350 1422687600_l2ltywdlcy9wcm9kdwn0l2nsb3roaw5nl0rmltexmtuyoc1ibgfjay1wms5qcgc__h_sh540_mw350 Dl-98738_v0 Dl-85619_v0

This is the perfect edgy look featuring a simple black shift dress, some sneaker wedges, a clutch and a chunky silver chain. The monochrome looks goes perfectly with this street style.

Which Look would you wear for Valentines Day?

Recently I was in need of a bronzer and decided to purchase the Models Prefer bronzer in Sunkissed. It gives a beautiful summer glow to your face and is super affordable.

Pigmentation: 8/10
It's super pigmented and a little bit goes a long way.

Affordability: 9/10
For $10.99 from Priceline this bronzer is definitely worth a go!

Packaging: 5/10
I find the packaging quite hard to open however that can be expected from such an affordable item.

Recommend? Yes! However I do find this bronzer very orange and definitely should be applied using a little bit of product.

Hey guys,
So because school is starting tomorrow and I'll be in grade 11, I'll have to focus a lot more on my school work. This being said, there's no way I'll neglect my blog but I will be only posting twice a week, at around the same time, and occasionally you'll get a bonus post. The times are:

Wednesday 5pm
Saturday 5pm

This new upload schedule will start this week, with this being the last of my Monday Post's. In the holidays I will go back up to 3 blogposts a week but while school is on two posts a week will just have to do. I hope you guys have had an amazing holiday, have you done anything special? Good luck for the new year and for those of you still in school good luck for the year ahead! Comment down below letting me know what what grade you guys are going into, I'd love to know!

Britt x

For me school starts soon and I'm not so keen to get back into it. The holidays have been amazing but gone so fast, I wish I could extend them! When does school start for you? I'm going in to Grade 11 (second last year of school) and I'm a bit scared... any advice? Anyways, my school doesn't allow makeup but for the schools that do, here is a super simple, quick makeup routine. This also could be called a 'No-Makeup Makeup Routine' because it's that simple! Hope you enjoy!

Here are the products I used:
  • Ecotools Brushes: Blush, Flat Foundation, Concealer, Custom Coverage Buffing, Brow Brush.
  • Garnier BB Cream
  • Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
  • Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer
  • Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara
  • Maybelline Pencil Eye liner

So first of all I'd start off with washing my face using my Proactiv three step cleanse, tone and moisturise. I then put on my Garnier BB Cream as this is super light and doesn't feel to cakey on your skin. I applied this using my Ecotools Flat Foundation Brush.

I then applied my Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer in the shade Ivory. I applied this under my eyes, on any blemishes and also on my eyelids as a primer. Even though I am not using eyeshadow in this routine, priming your eye lids helps to brighten up your eyes. I used my Ecotools Concealer Brush to apply this. 

I then brushed through my brows using my Ecotools Brow Brush and didn't do anything else as I didn't want to do anything to heavy on my brows. 

I then lined my top lash line, as this gives the illusion of naturally longer and fuller lashes. This is quite hard and causes my eyes to water quite a bit but it's definitely worth it! I lined using my Maybellline Pencil Liner

I then did a coat of my Cover Girl Clump Crusher mascara as this is my most natural looking mascara.

I gave my lips a coat of a moisturising lip balm to ensure they didn't dry out. 

And that is my back to school makeup look! It's extremely natural just because at my school you aren't really allowed to wear a ton of makeup. 

Hope you enjoyed 
- Britt

Here are some of my favourite hairstyles for school,

The Extra Long Ponytail

This first look is very simple and can create the illusion of a long ponytail. 
First what you are going to do is start off with brushing through your hair (all these looks start with this step) and then taking the top section of your hair and tying it into a ponytail.
Then taking the bottom section of hair and tying that in a ponytail underneath the first ponytail. You now have an illusion of a longer ponytail. 

Braided Head Band

For this look you will start with a ponytail however leaving to sections of hair behind each ear. You will then braid these sections and pin them into a head band. 

Braided Bun

This is probably my favourite look due to the overall effect. You will start with a bun doughnut and place it over your ponytail. Then you make a normal bun with the doughnut and put an elastic around it. Take all the excess hair and place it like in picture 2. Braid this and then tie it around the bun.

So there are my 3 back to school hairstyles!
Which one is your favourite?

This is the first of my Back to School Series! Although that means school is starting soon it also means supplies shopping - which is one of my favourite types of shopping.
I recently went to Office Max and brought a whole lot of stuff for school, here's what I bought:

At school we don't really use pencils, and I have a lot spare from last year so I didn't need anymore however I really needed pens. I got a pack of two Sharpies as I'm always needing them for school. They were $4. I also got a multi colour pen with blue, black, red and green ink for 99c and a pack of 3 blue ball point pens for $3.96.

Next I brought a pink binder to put all my worksheets in. This is very handy as it is a safe place to store assignments and worksheets so they don't end up scrunched in the bottom of your bag. This file was $3.44. I also got a notepad to go along with it so I can scribble important notes down, and this was $1.73.

A sharpener is essential and my old one is now blunt, so I got this one for $2.97. And a girl can never have enough white outs, so I got a 3 pack from Paper Mate that was $6

Last I got some workbooks from ColourHide as I love the colours of these and the pages. I got a four pack ($5.97) and a two pack ($8.22)

So there's my back to school haul! Hope you enjoyed!
What have you bought for school?

I recently purchased this gorgeous dress from City Beach. This dress was $60 and was absolutely beautiful so I had to have it. I paired it with some brown sandals from Lipstick and some gold jewellery from local markets to create the perfect summer bohemian look.

It's been a year since I got my old glasses, and decided I needed a new pair. SpecSavers were having their 'Buy two for one' sale and so I decided to go looking at SpecSavers. Even though there are a lot of negatives about needing glasses, if you chose the right ones, they can become an accessory to your outfit.
The first pair I got were these ray-ban Style glasses with a slight blue tint. They were the SpecSavers brand and were about $250. The serial number is Cherry 25665130. They suited me quite well as I have a fairly narrow face, and most glasses were too big for my face. These ones however were just right.

The next pair I got were by the Roxy range at SpecSavers. They were about $290, so a bit more expensive than the other ones. I liked the shape and orange sides that gave them their uniqueness.
Their serial number is Roxy 36 25666991. 

 Here in Australia its summer and this means going down the coast to little towns and staying in resorts for a few days. This month we are going to Kingscliff in New South Whales and packing was a challenge for me.

I managed to cut down as much as I could and came up with a few travel essentials to help you pack.

Fashion Essentials

First of all a good pair of sandals with never do you wrong. They are comfy and can easily dress up or down and outfit. They are versatile and definitely worth packing. A nice swimsuit is a must and I would definitely recommend. I got this one from City Beach. Next are shorts, I have these very cute shorts from the Universal Store that I feel I can wear casually on days when I go to the beach. Denim shorts are also an essential, as you can never go wrong with denim shorts in the summer, mine are high-waisted which means, of course, crop tops are another essential. I got a nice crotchet one from City Beach that I can wear to the beach as well as some cropped T-Shirts from cotton on. These make a perfect and easy outfit for everyday. A plain T-Shirt is also a recommendation and I brought along this stripe one. When going away, a fancy dinner is a must and this summer dress is prefect for that. The cold Shoulder sleeves are perfect for giving off a summer-vibe.

Beauty Essentials

Beauty is probably the hardest to pick, as there are so many possibilities. First of all a concealer is defiantly a recommendation for any trip. A BB cream is also a great option as it is light and perfect for warm weather to give you an even complexion. A powder goes along with that to help you stay matte throughout the trip. Simple mascara is a good go-to as it can elongate your lashes and add to your look. Eyeliner is also an essential for the fancy dinners or parties that you may attend on holiday. A nice nude lipstick is a great option and goes with every outfit. A blush will add a little colour to your face and of course you need a brush for that, I brought by Ecotools Custom Coverage Buffing brush that I can use for my blush and powder.  Lastly no one likes chapped lips, so a good lip balm is perfect.

Random Essentials

Your purse is definitely a must have as you may want to check out all the cute little shops. Earphones are good for chilling by the pool, or long car drives, and a book can accompany that.

So those are my Summer Holiday Essentials! What are yours?

It's been extremely hot here in Australia, so I thought I'd share with you my summer makeup routine. It's fairly simple and light and perfect for the hot weather when you don't feel like wearing a lot of makeup. 

Here are the products and shades I used:

First of I started by cleansing my face and giving it a wash.

I then applied my Garnier BB Cream using my hands to rub it on my face, Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer using my EcoTools Concealer Brush and Rimmel Stay Matte Powder using my Ecotools Custom Coverage Buffing Brush. I decided to go for a BB cream as this is nice and light and with the Powder will keep your face matte through most of the day. 

I then applied my Models Prefer Bronzer with my Custom Coverage Buffing Brush to give me a summer glow, along side my Essence Blush using my EcoTools Blush Brush. 

As a final step I added the CoverGirl Clump Crusher Mascara and a Maybelline Baby Lips Colour to add a nice pinky shade for summer. I decided to go against an eyeliner as in the summer I tend to use a little makeup as possible.

Hope you guys enjoyed x
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