Ever wondered how to do the perfect Winged-Eyeliner?
 Well here is a step-by-step guide to creating the perfect look. 

What you Need:
Sticky Tap, Gel Eyeliner and an eyeliner brush. (This eyeliner and brush came in a set by Maybelline)

Step 1
Get some sticky tap, this will give you the outline as to where your wing will go. Important step: Make sure you put the sticky tape on your hand first to avoid being too sticky on your eyelid. then stick the sticky tap just below your eye (look at the photo's below). 

Step 2
Then dip your eyeliner brush into some eyeliner and carefully draw a line where you want your wing to be. Begin filling it in.

Step 3
Go over the top lid and bottom lash line as you would while doing normal eyeliner. This givers your eyes a pop. Make sure you make it blend into the wing. 

Step 4
Pull of the sticky tap carefully and there you have your winged eyeliner!

Hope you liked it!


  1. I love the tape idea! I might try it with dress tape as it might be gentler than scotch tape.

    1. yes! dress tape would definitely be better than normal scotch tape, unfortunately I only had scotch tape. let me know how it goes x

  2. Love this post! Thank you.

  3. Great post - I used to use this trick all the time!

    1. It's such an awesome way to do winged eyeliner, glad you liked it x

  4. Good idea - I will have to try this

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