For my first ever concealer, I decided to try the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer in the shade Ivory. This shade is perfect for my skin tone and does wonders to brighten up under my eyes. It comes in four different shades: Ivory, True Ivory, Classic Beige and True Beige. The shades are very limited and for my tanned skin I went for the lightest shade, so I defiantly wouldn't recommend this for paler people
A swatch of the shade Ivory is below: (please excuse the lipstick swatches)

For the packaging, it comes in a lip-gloss like orange and silver tube with a spongy applicator. The applicator sometimes gives you more product then you need, however I personally really like the applicator.
I find this concealer is full coverage however doesn't stay on for very long, as I notice when I come home from work my blemishes have appeared through the concealer.

Overall I would still recommend this concealer as it is perfect for first time makeup buyers like myself.

Have you tried the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer?

Merry Christmas Everyone!
Hope you're all having an amazing time with your family and friends. Over the christmas period (from the 24th of December to the 2nd of January) I won't be posting on my blog as I will be spending time with my family. I hope you have an awesome Christmas and and New Year and I'll see you next year!


What's your favourite Christmas movie?
I haven't actually watched too many Christmas movies but I would say out of the ones I've watched, Home Alone would definitely be number one. 

Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?
Christmas morning - always.

Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?
One year we had my cousins and aunts over for Christmas from South Africa, I was only young but I remember playing with my cousins and it's always been an amazing memory. 

Favorite Festive Food?
Definitely Sticky Date Pudding, not sure if that even goes under the 'festive food' category. 

Favourite Christmas gift?
When I was little I received a massive teddy bear that was holding a read heart that said 'I love you.' Even though I've out grown the bear it will always be one of my favourite presents. 

Favourite Christmas scent?
The 'White Christmas' Scented candle from Dusk! 

Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?
One christmas eve we get to open a 'Christmas Eve Present' which has a particular theme. Last year it was pyjamas, this year it was $50 and under. 

What tops your tree?
A star.

As a kid, what was one (crazy, extravagant, wild) gift you always asked for but never received?
I always wished every year to become friends with a fairy, unfortunately I never did. 

What's the best part about Christmas for you?
 Spending time with family and also the whole christmas spirit. Everyone just seems in a good mood and everyone's really festive and friendly and it's definitely my favourite time of year. 

Hope you enjoyed this post! Comment below your links if you do this tag - I would love to read it!

Whilst at the hair dresser, the lady recommended a product to me called Moroccan Oil. At first I was unsure of the product due to it being an 'oil' and oily hair was something I was trying to get rid of. Moroccan Oil however is the best product to use for that after-wash-frizzy-hair. Just apply it to the ends of your hair and go over with a bow dryer. The moroccan oil makes your hair soft and less frizzy and definitely helps keep your hair healthy. I would definitely recommend this product to all hair types as it helps reduces frizz and increases health. 

The only difference in these shoes are the soles and the difference in material of the straps. The ones from Windsor Smith are genuine leather whereas the ones from Rubi Shoes are fake leather. I purchased the Windsor Smith ones, just because I knew I would wear them a lot. If you're unsure of whether you like the style, I would go with the shoes from Rubi Shoes however if you, like me, are sold on this new style of shoe then the Windsor Smith ones would suit you.
Which do you prefer?

Ever wondered how to do the perfect Winged-Eyeliner?
 Well here is a step-by-step guide to creating the perfect look. 

What you Need:
Sticky Tap, Gel Eyeliner and an eyeliner brush. (This eyeliner and brush came in a set by Maybelline)

Step 1
Get some sticky tap, this will give you the outline as to where your wing will go. Important step: Make sure you put the sticky tape on your hand first to avoid being too sticky on your eyelid. then stick the sticky tap just below your eye (look at the photo's below). 

Step 2
Then dip your eyeliner brush into some eyeliner and carefully draw a line where you want your wing to be. Begin filling it in.

Step 3
Go over the top lid and bottom lash line as you would while doing normal eyeliner. This givers your eyes a pop. Make sure you make it blend into the wing. 

Step 4
Pull of the sticky tap carefully and there you have your winged eyeliner!

Hope you liked it!
Recently I've done quite a bit of shopping so I thought I might haul it for you guys. 

First up is a pair of high waisted jeans from Cotton On. These were $50 and you can buy them here.
They are very comfortable however are quite short, hence the name Ankle Grazers, as they reach just on your ankles but I've noticed this has been a trend lately.

Next I needed some new Denim Shorts for summer as all of mine were very old. I got these ones from Myer for around $90. They are very good quality and aren't too short. You can get them here.

I have been loving the Midi Trend lately and decided to jump on it. I bought this midi Skirt from Bardot, for around $120. I absolutely love it and I've been eyeing it off for a while but eventually went and bought it. You can buy it here. They also come in black but I thought white was more suitable for summer. 

I recently went to Harbour town and stopped by the Lipstick Shoe Shop. I brought these sandals which are very bohemian and perfect for summer. And for only $15 I could't resist. 

Next is some very exciting news - Forever 21 opened in Brisbane and is set to open in Sydney soon. I was so excited to hear about it that me and my mum went up to Brisbane as soon as we could to check out the store. You can view my post on it here. I brought this bohemian style shirt for around $30. 

Also from Forever 21 is this beautiful shift style dress for around $40. 

Recently I have been seeing these tops everywhere. They are perfect for the up coming warmer months and are definitely a must have this season. The American Apparel one is $48 excluding shipping where as the Cotton On one is only $12.95. I would highly recommend the Cotton On one as they are both made of the same material and are almost the same (except the American Apparel one is shorter). Also Cotton On is having a 2 for $20 sale on these tops so you can pick them up in multiple colours. 

For a while I have been trying to do the perfect winged eyeliner. I've tried pencil eyeliner and liquid eyeliner but none of them have worked, so I thought about trying a new tactic - the gel eyeliner. This one I picked up from Maybelline at Woolworths and was around $15 for a brush and the gel eyeliner, which I thought was really good. I tried it out and it makes winged eyeliner a piece of cake. Next week on my blog there should be a post about how to do the perfect winged eyeliner, and I'll be using this product. The brush makes it really easy to apply and works for any type of style you want. I would definitely recommend this product.. I was a bit scared of using gel eyeliner but it's way simpler than I thought. 

Last Friday night, my family and I went to see the Lion King in Brisbane. It was absolutely amazing; the costumes, lightning and sounds was fantastic and the African theme reminded me of home.
Here’s the outfit I wore to go watch the show. The dress is from Forever 21 Brisbane, and the shoes are from Lipstick.

Summer is here and it's about time I do my Summer Fashion Essentials. These are just some staple pieces that I believe every girl should own this summer. 

My first essential the basic T-shirt in a neutral colour. I own them in Black, grey and white as these are the most versatile colours and are an easy go-to for those I-have-nothing-to-wear-days. I got this one from Jay Jays for around $15. I have seen some good quality ones in Sportsgirl recently.

The next is a basic Strip T shirt. This one is from the Universal Store and is from the label Pare-Basic. I love this label for there good quality basics. This top was about $25 and I wear it all the time.

The next item is a cute pair of soft shorts. I got mine again from the universal Store last summer for $40. This trend is still current this Summer so I'll definitely be using these shorts from last Season.

A good quality pair of Denim shorts will be your go-to this summer. They keep you cool whilst they are also very versatile. I definitely give you permission to splurge a bit of cash when it comes to denim shorts as they never go out of fashion and are definite essentials.

A good quality corduroy skirt is perfect for the up coming warmer months. The piece is a great basic that I have spoken more about here

A go-to spring floral dress is a definite must-have this season. It's the perfect summer dress that is timeless and in season every season. This one is from Cotton On and was about $30. 

A playsuit is a must have for spring as they are simple and easy to wear either dressed up or dressed down. Mine is from factorie and you can purchase it here for $29.95.

So those are my summer fashion essentials! What are yours?

With the holidays starting soon I thought recommend a 'Holiday Checklist'. A Holiday Checklist is a great way to make your holidays a little more productive. This doesn't necessarily mean school/work related, it can also be some fun ideas you want to do these holidays. Keeping this list will also remind you of all the things you've wanted to do but haven't been able to due to school and work. This list will prevent any 'I'm Bored' moments and make your holidays as fun and productive as possible. So here's my holiday checklist.

 - Buy a nail polish I wouldn't normally chose and paint my nails with it

 - Have a pamper night

 - Do something fun with my sister

 - Photography

 - Make a lip scrub

 - Do an Art Project

 - Go on a Picnic

What have you got on your Holiday Checklist?

November has come and gone so fast, I have barely had anytime to think about favourites, which is why there are only a few for this month. Hope you enjoy!

First on my list is Frankie Magazine Issue #62. This issue was probably one of the best one's I've read. It was very relatable and the photo's were, as normal, amazing. There's an upcoming blog post about it soon!

Next is the Nivea Facial Cleansing Wipes. These make removing makeup a breeze. The makeup comes off so easily with these wipes and leaves your face feeling nice and fresh. I would definitely recommend.

Another favourite is my Maybelline Gel Eyeliner in the colour 'Blackest Black'. This eyeliner is super easy to apply and only requires a little bit of product. 

So that's all for my monthly favourites, sorry there were only a few! What have been your November Favourites?

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