Over the last week I submitted my resume to many different retail stores looking for a Christmas Casual job. I ended up getting a Christmas causal job at City Beach. I thought about sharing with my tops tips to get a job since it’s getting close to Christmas and many places will be hiring soon.

Tip #1: Dress to Impress
Now this doesn’t mean a going in a ball gown, this just means dressing up that little bit extra to impress your future manager. Don’t wear something exposing, however dress classy but casual.

Tip #2: A Little Makeup
Especially in retail jobs, wearing makeup shows you care about your appearance and would definitely take pride in working somewhere. By wearing a bit of makeup you will not only look the best but show your future manager that you take time to look nice to impress them.

Tip #3: Resumes
On your resume you want to write down the achievement in the past year. Make sure you have a cover letter with a little introduction as to why you would be best for the job and an introduction to yourself. State your age, name, school/college, year level etc. In your cover letter my main tip would be to say what you could do to better the company. For example ‘By hiring me I would provide a positive and friendly attitude for the company/store.’

Tip #4: Smile
Not only will a smile brighten up your face, it also shows that you have a positive attitude. Smiles are also contagious, so if you’re smiling, the chances are your boss and customers will smile too.

Tip #5: Face-to-face

While the internet allows us to be updated on when jobs are hiring, it is also important to submit your application face-to-face. Going into the shop and introducing yourself to the manager will definitely lead you on a good start. What I did was submit my resume online and then take it into the store and give it to the manager face-to-face.

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