This month I don’t have that many favorites, but the ones I do have, I’ve been absolutely loving.

 My first up is my Corduroy Skirt from the Universal Store. This skirt has been already featured on my blog here however I just can’t get enough of this style of skirt. It’s super easy to style and looks good on everyone. It’s a new trend and I will definitely be wearing it all season long.

Next on the agenda is my Original Source Lime Shower Gel.This month I decided to try the Lime version and I love it just as much as the other one featured in my September Favourites. The smells are so delicious and fresh and there’s a scent for everyone.

My music recommendation of the week would have to be Gabrielle Aplin. She’s a singer/songwriter who writes amazing songs. I wrote a more detailed post about her here.

For book of the month, if you like autobiographies/inspirational, I would recommend Ben Carson’s Gifted Hands and Think Big. Both his books were given to me as a present and they are both just as good as each other. I would definitely recommend if you feel in need of some inspiration.

What have been your October favourites?

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  1. Love Gabrielle Aplin's music too. Great faves, girlie. :)


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