Youtube is becoming more and more popular and with the Youtube Community getting wider, there are some seriously good Youtubers out there. So here are some of my favourite Youtubers.


John and Hank Green are two brothers who each week post a video about themselves for the other brother to see. The vlog parts of their life and share it with the internet. Hank Green is also well known on SciShow and many more science related Youtube Channels. John Green is known for his excellent novels, including A Fault In Our Stars, Paper Towns, and many more. 
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Zoe from Zoella is a British beauty, fashion and lifestyle Youtuber and blogger. She is definitely one of the best Youtubers and with over 6 million subscribers she has a massive fan base. She does hauls, tags beauty videos and much more. She also regularly vlogs on her second channel MoreZoella


Adria from DontBeASadPanda is a 21 year old American Youtuber that is inspirational with her story. She talks about common issues and also does the occasional haul/beauty/fashion video. She has an amazing personality and is such an happy positive personality. 


Alisha is an amerian beauty, fashion and lifestyle Youtuber. She has an amazing personality and is always extremely bubbly and her videos are perfect to watch when you're feeling down. I absolutely love her room and she has given me inspiration for my own room. Here is a link to a blog about my new room (inspired from Alisha's).


Rachel is an Australian Youtuber who posts videos with beauty, fashion and lifestyle themes. She is the sweetest girl and definitely is worth a follow. Her makeup is gorgeous and she has an amazing style. She gets things from affordable Australian stores giving you a good idea of what's currently out there for sale.

Meghan Rienks

Meghan from MeghanRienks is an boho-godesss Youtuber whose style is amazing. She is so inspirational despite the hard times she's currently facing and is defiantly one of my top Youtubers. She post videos about beauty and fashion and also occasionally vlogs. She has a massive fan base and is featured on many other Youtube channels such as Polished and AwesomenessTV.

What are some of your favourite Youtubers?

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