It's extremely important to take time out of the business of daily life and find time to relax and have some time dedicated to yourself. This is why a pamper night is a great way to treat yourself, so here are my essentials for a pamper night.

My first essential is a nice warm bath with some sweet-smelling soap. This is why Lush's Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly is perfect for a nice warm bath. The scent is nice and sweet and almost tastes good enough to eat.

The next essential is some body cream. I got this tropical body cream from Myer. They don't sell it any more but here is one from Sportsgirl that smells just as good.

What would a pamper night be without a face mask? I got this one from Woolworths and it is amazing. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth afterwards and is fun to peel off. I would definitely recommend.

Sometimes I forgot to look after my lips. That's why a good lip balm will definitely be required at a pamper night. This one is from Nivea and leaves my lips feeling smooth and soft.

A pamper night is never complete without doing your nails. I've been loving the Ultra 3 Nail Polish in White Lily. I love white nail polish for the up coming season and would definitely recommend.

So what are you waiting for? Put on some music and treat yourself with these pamper night essentials! 
What are your pamper night essentials?

On Friday my mum and I decided to take a trip up to Brisbane to go have a look at the new Forever 21 store that's recently opened. This shop is huge overseas and it's taken forever to get to Australia, but finally it's here. Everything was extremely affordable and I definitely recommend a trip. I believe another store is opening in Sydney soon just in time for Christmas Shopping. I was so excited to go to Forever 21 and I certainly wasn't disappointed. The Shop was a massive two stories with different sections for different styles. There were jeans from $12, and most of the items were under $30. The clothes were very unique and there were clothes to fit everyone's style.
Here are a few pictures from our big day out:

It's that time again when everyone is frantically rushing to buy presents for friends and family, but don't worry, I will make your christmas shopping a breeze with these cute and affordable Christmas  Gift Ideas.

The Photography Obsessed Friend:

1. Eiffel Tower Photo Holder - this cute photo holder is prefect for the friend with the polaroid or the friend obsessed with photography as they can put their photos on display in a cute and trendy way with this photo holder from Typo

2. Polaroid Photo Magnets - let your friend put up their favourite snaps on their locker with these magnetic polaroid frames from Sportsgirl.

Makeup Obsessed Friend:

3. ChiChi Makeup Sets - ChiChi sells extremely affordable Make-up that would make perfect gifts. At the moment they have two of their eyeshadow kits for $30, set of 8 nail polishes for $20, value kits for $25, fragrance kits for $15, A set of bath bombs for $15 and an eyeliner kit for $30. Perfect affordable makeup for presents. ChiChi is available at Myer and also on their online website here.

4. Priceline Gift Sets - Priceline has some amazing gift sets for really affordable prices. Definitely worth looking at for that makeup-obsessed friend!

Jewellery Obsessed Friend:

5. Miero BraceletGet a personalised bracelet for someone you love, with many cute designs these are the perfect christmas gift. Only $29.95 and enter the promo code brittslittleblogs at the checkout to get free shipping!

Stationary Obsessed Friend:

6. K Gift SetsKikki K has these super cute gift sets from $20 - definitely affordable and perfect for your stationary-obsessed friend.

The Friend who has Everything:

7. Candles - You can never ever go wrong with candles. They are the perfect gift for friends who love different scents and you can guarantee they will be used. Candles are a practical gift that everyone will love. You can find candles nearly anywhere, such as Peter Alexander, Dusk, Dissh, Dotti, Target, Kmart and BigW ranging from $5-$40.

8. Bath Sets - Everyone loves a good pamper night, so why not purchase a pamper set for your friend? Pamper items can be found at Sportsgirl, Myer, Priceline, Kmart, BigW, Target and The Body Shop 

9. Personalize Photo Frame - Buy a photo frame from Big W, Kmart, Target etc and fill it with photo's of you and your friend! This inexpensive present will mean the world to your friend. 

Leave your gift ideas in the comments!

I've recently run out of makeup removing things so mum and I stopped by Woolworths to pick some up. Here's what I brought:

Nivea Facial Cleansing Wipes
I've brought these before and they work amazingly! They get all my makeup off easily and they are super cleansing on my face. 

Maybelline Black Gel Eyeliner
After trying Pencil eyeliner and liquid eyeliner I think I finally found the best way to make a perfect winged eyeliner. This gel eyeliner also comes with an application brush which is super soft and makes the eyeliner extremely easy to apply.

Swisspers Make-up Pads
I've always used cotton wool balls to remove my makeup however I'v found it really annoying. So I brought some makeup pads which have a larger surface area - hopefully they'll be easier to take my make up off with. 

Mabyelline Makeup Remover
I've tried using the garner one however it is so hard to get my makeup of with. So I'm trying the Maybelline Makeup remover which hopefully works better. 

What have your recent makeup buys been?

Over the last week I submitted my resume to many different retail stores looking for a Christmas Casual job. I ended up getting a Christmas causal job at City Beach. I thought about sharing with my tops tips to get a job since it’s getting close to Christmas and many places will be hiring soon.

Tip #1: Dress to Impress
Now this doesn’t mean a going in a ball gown, this just means dressing up that little bit extra to impress your future manager. Don’t wear something exposing, however dress classy but casual.

Tip #2: A Little Makeup
Especially in retail jobs, wearing makeup shows you care about your appearance and would definitely take pride in working somewhere. By wearing a bit of makeup you will not only look the best but show your future manager that you take time to look nice to impress them.

Tip #3: Resumes
On your resume you want to write down the achievement in the past year. Make sure you have a cover letter with a little introduction as to why you would be best for the job and an introduction to yourself. State your age, name, school/college, year level etc. In your cover letter my main tip would be to say what you could do to better the company. For example ‘By hiring me I would provide a positive and friendly attitude for the company/store.’

Tip #4: Smile
Not only will a smile brighten up your face, it also shows that you have a positive attitude. Smiles are also contagious, so if you’re smiling, the chances are your boss and customers will smile too.

Tip #5: Face-to-face

While the internet allows us to be updated on when jobs are hiring, it is also important to submit your application face-to-face. Going into the shop and introducing yourself to the manager will definitely lead you on a good start. What I did was submit my resume online and then take it into the store and give it to the manager face-to-face.
Miero Bracelets is a company that designs cute boho-inspired bracelets that can be personalised with your own life's motto. Scriptures or quotes can be engraved onto the inside of the bracelet which emphasises the motto 'beauty on the inside.' These beautiful bracelets are a symbol of this quote and are definitely a timeless piece to add to any outfit. Whether it's for a present, or for yourself these bracelets are perfect for anyone.

There are many different colours and designs so check them out at
Also I managed to get a special deal for you guys! If you use the promo code 'brittslittleblogs' at the checkout, you get free shipping! 
Take some photo's with your Miero bracelets and don't forget to tag me!

This month I don’t have that many favorites, but the ones I do have, I’ve been absolutely loving.

 My first up is my Corduroy Skirt from the Universal Store. This skirt has been already featured on my blog here however I just can’t get enough of this style of skirt. It’s super easy to style and looks good on everyone. It’s a new trend and I will definitely be wearing it all season long.

Next on the agenda is my Original Source Lime Shower Gel.This month I decided to try the Lime version and I love it just as much as the other one featured in my September Favourites. The smells are so delicious and fresh and there’s a scent for everyone.

My music recommendation of the week would have to be Gabrielle Aplin. She’s a singer/songwriter who writes amazing songs. I wrote a more detailed post about her here.

For book of the month, if you like autobiographies/inspirational, I would recommend Ben Carson’s Gifted Hands and Think Big. Both his books were given to me as a present and they are both just as good as each other. I would definitely recommend if you feel in need of some inspiration.

What have been your October favourites?
Youtube is becoming more and more popular and with the Youtube Community getting wider, there are some seriously good Youtubers out there. So here are some of my favourite Youtubers.


John and Hank Green are two brothers who each week post a video about themselves for the other brother to see. The vlog parts of their life and share it with the internet. Hank Green is also well known on SciShow and many more science related Youtube Channels. John Green is known for his excellent novels, including A Fault In Our Stars, Paper Towns, and many more. 
Nerdfighters comment down below!


Zoe from Zoella is a British beauty, fashion and lifestyle Youtuber and blogger. She is definitely one of the best Youtubers and with over 6 million subscribers she has a massive fan base. She does hauls, tags beauty videos and much more. She also regularly vlogs on her second channel MoreZoella


Adria from DontBeASadPanda is a 21 year old American Youtuber that is inspirational with her story. She talks about common issues and also does the occasional haul/beauty/fashion video. She has an amazing personality and is such an happy positive personality. 


Alisha is an amerian beauty, fashion and lifestyle Youtuber. She has an amazing personality and is always extremely bubbly and her videos are perfect to watch when you're feeling down. I absolutely love her room and she has given me inspiration for my own room. Here is a link to a blog about my new room (inspired from Alisha's).


Rachel is an Australian Youtuber who posts videos with beauty, fashion and lifestyle themes. She is the sweetest girl and definitely is worth a follow. Her makeup is gorgeous and she has an amazing style. She gets things from affordable Australian stores giving you a good idea of what's currently out there for sale.

Meghan Rienks

Meghan from MeghanRienks is an boho-godesss Youtuber whose style is amazing. She is so inspirational despite the hard times she's currently facing and is defiantly one of my top Youtubers. She post videos about beauty and fashion and also occasionally vlogs. She has a massive fan base and is featured on many other Youtube channels such as Polished and AwesomenessTV.

What are some of your favourite Youtubers?

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