September has marked the change of seasons and the start of new fashion, new products and new music. My first favourite of the month, of course is Frankie Magazine Issue Sixty One.

 First of all lets just start with the cover... how cute is this picture? Inside, the cuteness continues with snapshots of India, little Australian Shops and beautiful photo's. Frankie is my all time favourite magazine and I love the texture of the pages and uniqueness of the magazine.

Next on the agenda is white nail polish.
Many may think white nail polish is a bold statement, and personally, I don't disagree. However this colour has been seen all over Tumblr. It's chic and stylish and definitely a trend this season. It goes with every outfit so you don't have to worry about your nails clashing with your outfit.

Another of my favourites is the Maybelline Colour Baby Lip Balm.
This colour is a nice pinky rose colour and is nice and subtle yet bold. I love the Maybelline baby lips as it leaves your lips feeling moisturised while giving a tint of colour.

Another one of my favourites is the Original Source Soap in Vanilla and Raspberry.
This smells gorgeous and smells like a sweet shop. If you don't like sweet smells, this isn't the soap for you however the flavours do vary. Mint is also another good one for those people who don't like sweet smells. The smell lightly lingers on your body while it also leaves your body moisturised and smooth.

What would a favourites be without something from The Body Shop?
This beautiful, fresh sent is perfect for the upcoming warmer months. This scent is the body shop's vanilla scent and is gorgeous for the spring and summer time.

Hope you enjoyed my favourites! What have your favourites been in the month of september? 

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