Organisation is something that is my new years resolution every year, and by about this time, I can't even remember making the resolution.Whether you're at school, collage or at home, you could definitely benefit from these simple ideas.

Tip #1: Using an Calendar
I brought this desk calendar from Kikki K. You can use an online calendar, a diary, or desk planner like myself. I think a calendar of some sort is vital to stay organised. Colour coding your activities and school work is definitely beneficial. It makes you know exactly what you have on and what type of activity it is.

Tip #2: Using the Calendar App
If you're an Apple user you will definitely benefit from this step. Use the calendar app to help you on the go. Every week I sit down and sync my calendar app with my desk calendar to keep me up to date on what I need to do. You can set reminders and alerts to keep you on track.

Tip #3: Digital Filing
I find it easiest to keep organise if my computer is 'clean.' To keep your computer 'clean' I would recommend making folders for each of your subjects and keeping each subject different so that all the work for that class is one folder.

Tip #4 Note-taking
If you're at school or college and are required to note-take, then this might be helpful for you. Get one big notepad with easy removable pages and bring a binder to school. After you've written your notes on the notepad, rip of the page and place it in the binder in the right subject section. When you get home, you can transfer the notes and/or any worksheets into a folder for that subject. This way you don't have to carry a book around for each subject and you can keep all your notes for a subject in one place.

Tip #5 : Photo frame bulletin board
I'm sure we all have a photo frame that's photo-less and lonely somewhere in our homes. If this is the case, you can transform your old photo frame into a Bulletin Board. Print out a nice background, put it in to the photo frame and stick sticky notes on the glass to remind you of important things coming up. I didn't have a photo frame so I used this mirror.

Here are some cute backgrounds you can download to go inside your photo frame:

What are your tips to keep you on track at school?
Tag me in a photo of your Photo frame bulletin Boards !

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