So today I decided to go for a walk along the beach again. Unfortunately Cody, my dog, hurt his back so he was unable to come and therefore it was just me and my family. Walking on the beachfront made me realise one thing in life, the world is beautiful, and sometimes you don't realise what you really have. We all see pictures on Tumblr and think 'wow I wish I could go there' but we forget that all around us are beautiful places that could be 'Tumblr-worthy'. We take for granted the things we see everyday, the things that are always there.
On our walk we stopped by a cute cafe, a little bookstore and Baskin Robbins. We talked together as a family and it was definitely a special moment. Here are some pictures of my ordinary walk and making it 'Tumblr Worthy'. 


Have you got any 'Tumblr-worthy' moments to share?
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