‘Sincere September’ Playlist – Spotify
As spring sets in, the morning chills ease and the need for fluffy socks slowly disappears. Although for me, this can be a bit saddening (since I thrive off staying in bed all day under mountains of blankets), spring is also a time for new music. My September Playlist is available on Spotify for all your ears. This playlist has some chill music to get you ready for the relaxing summer months ahead of us.
My favorite artist recently has definitely been Ecosmith, who many of you may have heard from their single, ‘Cool Kids’ but after listening to some of their other songs I have a genuine love for their band. I especially like ‘Tell her you love her’ and ‘Bright’ which of course are included in my playlist!
My favorite album for the month of September has definitely been The sound track for The Fault In Our Stars. The sound track is absolutely BRILLIANT and I cannot deny listening to it on repeat …
Check out my Spotify playlist at:

What have your favorite songs been recently? Comment below and I’ll check them out!

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