I have never been a user of makeup however recently that has changed. I started out by buying a few products. I started with the basics and decided I wanted something light and natural so of course I started with the Garnier BB Cream.

The texture was quite smooth and when applied on my face felt like a moisturizer. It did however make my skin a tad more greasy but nothing to noticeable or dramatic. What I would recommend is putting a powder over to make it more matte. With SPF 15 I felt confident when walking into the sun that I wouldn’t have to worry about additional heavy sunscreen. The coverage on my face was good and gave my skin a nice glow without the heaviness and caked-face-ness of normal foundation. It didn’t completely cover up spots however made them less noticeable.

For eyes, I went with the Maybelline Eye Liner in black. It was very smooth and soft however was had to put on, so I’m thinking of purchasing a gel liner. I also added a touch of the Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara which certainly made my eyes pop. The only downside was that this was slightly clumpy however not so bad considering it was a drug-store mascara.

For lips I used the Revlon Pink Cognito 820 Lipstick. It was a nice colour that was very subtle and wasn’t too dramatic. It gave my lips a nice shine and wasn’t heavy as some lipsticks are. I highly recommend it if you're looking for something more natural.

Overall this look was very natural and is definitely going to be my everyday makeup routine. It’s very simple but just adds a little something to your face. I have enjoyed all of these products and would definitely recommend them.
I’m currently on the hunt for a nice inexpensive concealer and some brushes, any recommendations?

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